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One of the dumbest things i've seen in a while

And I laughed from start to finish.

Wow, I am surprised

Something really entertaining from you guys, if things like this continue, I think you will have a new member.
A decent blend of humour and watchable animations that relate to the song in one way or the other.

Magyar responds:

thanks for the support

Freakin awesome

It was so epic, so smoothly animated and best of all funny!
A good story which many (including myself) can somewhat relate to.
Also, I don't know if I already told you this, but I learnt to use masking for lip synch animation just by watching school 13. I dunno how lol.
On a final note: Kak skazat' funny po-russki?
Write in English please! ;) Spasibo!

Nightwayfarer responds:

I also do lyp synch with mask and lots of other layers, and it's a hell of a job, so that's awesome that managed to learn how to do that ;)
funny - smeshno (how), smehnoy (he), smeshnaya (she), smeshnoye(it) :B

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Very good concept

An entertaining game,

For the first four levels. The learning curve is way too steep from level 5 onwards you cannot really learn the patterns of the blades because you die before you get anyway near them.

Now, even with all that this game would have been an 8.

Sadly the game mechanics faults were simply unacceptable.
When jumping from ledge to ledge the player will sometimes keep on moving when I have released the directional buttons causing the charecter to fly into a pit of spikes rather than drop straight down.

Random deaths occur from level 4 onwards, I watched carefully, I was not out of time or doing anything forbidden, I just died.

Those are what really ruined the game for me, I'm sorry, it just is...

A nice turn on the traditional

style of gameplay. But the execution of it all is ridiculous. A soon as you spawn, a PAC man goes to the exit. before you could even reach there. In other words, unless you have a key (which are far and few in between each other) the game is impossible. Please rethink and try again.

Too easy

I reached Mars in 7 days.

Perhaps less platforms, but more money from them. I love the little jokes here and there and the upgrade system. Overall good work...

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Brilliant track...

Although, I definable don't see a jungle when listening to this, I think of a futuristic factory and a equally futuristic aircraft in the sky.
artist faved

Yust responds:

Thank you !

This song would be awesome

If that retarded robot is taken out away... Re upload it without it and you will get a grand prize of...
Everything favorited,
but as it still there you get a measly 2/5 and 5/10

I Love these remix songs

But I would love it more if you ACTUALLY made this... Nice try...

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Having played the game

I can relate to this, awesome. You captured the rage, and the sense of motion.

makiuchi responds:

Heh thanks, took me about two weeks man

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