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Very good concept

An entertaining game,

For the first four levels. The learning curve is way too steep from level 5 onwards you cannot really learn the patterns of the blades because you die before you get anyway near them.

Now, even with all that this game would have been an 8.

Sadly the game mechanics faults were simply unacceptable.
When jumping from ledge to ledge the player will sometimes keep on moving when I have released the directional buttons causing the charecter to fly into a pit of spikes rather than drop straight down.

Random deaths occur from level 4 onwards, I watched carefully, I was not out of time or doing anything forbidden, I just died.

Those are what really ruined the game for me, I'm sorry, it just is...

A nice turn on the traditional

style of gameplay. But the execution of it all is ridiculous. A soon as you spawn, a PAC man goes to the exit. before you could even reach there. In other words, unless you have a key (which are far and few in between each other) the game is impossible. Please rethink and try again.

Too easy

I reached Mars in 7 days.

Perhaps less platforms, but more money from them. I love the little jokes here and there and the upgrade system. Overall good work...

This is not your first game...

It was hard but I got used to it after a while, it was the doge one that got me in the end. But also in the tank mini game the helicopters have a clear advantage in speed and rate of fire, but that didn't stop me killing 10 of 'em. The blob left me with a question mark though...
But yeah, Keep it up...
Artist Faved

kangawallapuss responds:

Don't anger the blob, whatever you do.

Nice one

Whelp I think both of us might be getting 30 bucks from Luis each...
Thanks for including me in this mate!
Don't think we talked but good to see you there!
Three things
1. The swain profile link is not working...
2.To those who don't know Luis in the tank barrel is a reference to one of the pics with him sneaking up on someone...
Nearly fell over laughing when the tramp harassed us...

Okay game but...

Try to implement some sort of script to vary the damage done depending on the place hit.. A perfect head shot did a tiny amount of damage, it's unrealistic...
I know it's rich coming who failed at making a game, (See halo the Jacking) but try, in the meantime, I will learn some script. Keep it up...

It would be a good game if...

You could get past lvl 2
Didn't you test this?
Im sorry but it is impossible, regardless of what the others say, Take it down, redo that level and you will get a 5/5 10/10 from me... for now. 1/5 3/10

pawlakt responds:

It is not impossible, I playtested each level of this game AT LEAST 10 times! You have to use the super jump described in the instructions! I hope you'll play it a second time with this knowledge.

582 seconds

Brilliantly thought out. It was original and was something most people can relate to. It was quite confusing, I must admit but that did not stop me enjoying it. I would like to see a sequel to this. And I would be more than happy to offer some ideas, PM me if you are interested.
Over and out-
Afro wolf

Fuggin awesom

Helped me a lot!
Thanks for letting us copy paste the script!


Its not bad a concept but you have some actionscript problems....
There are no instructions explaining the controls or any info on what to avoid. And EXACTLY THE SAME BACKGROUND ALL THE TIME!

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